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The HealthCare Solution is one of the largest privately owned, locally operated insurance brokerages in Southern California. We're a team of energetic, strategic thinkers, working smarter to save time, minimize cost and deliver the best user experience for employers and employees. Think of us as an extension of your HR department, your go to team for enrollment, employee communication, claims support and compliance advice.

We have partnered with Maxwell Health to provide an innovative and attractive employee benefit management portal. Their customizable and secure cloud-based benefits environment helps your employees easily navigate the enrollment process and features helpful tools to support their health care decisions. Best of all, the system automates for error reduction and better employee engagement.

It's about more than cost control. You know your benefits play a vital role in attracting and retaining talent. So everything we do is about helping you direct your resources the right way. Giving your employees meaningful choices to improve their health and their lives — freeing them to do great things.

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Here's what you get with The HealthCare Solution and Maxwell.

Employee Benefits,
The first ever Health as a Service platform.

Technology to simplify benefits.

When you work with us and Maxwell, you get the best of both worlds: trusted benefits expertise and amazing technology. Maxwell makes it easy for you to see how employees are moving through open enrollment, add and terminate employees, generate reports, and file QLEs for your team. The seamless employee onboarding and built-in communications cut down on printing and faxing, and provide a centralized library of HR documents for your employees to view at any time.

Time- and money-saving concierge service.

Your employees can interact with the concierge service right from the app, if they need to compare costs of medical procedures, get physician recommendations, ask claims or bill questions, or find the best price on a prescription. They can snap a photo of a confusing bill or an insurance claim and send it to the concierge, who will do all the work to resolve any conflict or payment problem for the employee.

Built-in fun and friendly wellness program.

The Maxwell mobile app streams in physical activity from fitness devices so that you can reward your employees for taking steps toward better health. You'll fund the rewards store with the amount and type of rewards that are perfect for your team.

Awesome experience for your employees.

Maxwell’s benefits enrollment process feels more like a familiar retail shopping experience. This saves the employee time and energy, increases participation, builds confidence, creates a better understanding of chosen products, promotes a consumer-driven health model, and makes the entire experience more simple.

Slick, convenient mobile app.

Maxwell is the only platform that takes care of your employees every day of the year - not just the day they onboard and enroll in benefits. With the Maxwell mobile app, employees can access everything benefits-related, navigate the health care system, and manage their health and wealth. The app connects with the best-in-class wellness products and services and leverages data for more informed solutions that cut costs and improve health.

100% HIPAA-compliant.

Maxwell protects all member health information with 3DES Encryption, and the Personal Health Information (PHI) we collect is accessible only through strong authentication, which is IP-restricted. They perform regular site audits and host all servers in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. All web traffic to Maxwell Health is secured using 256-Bit SSL Encryption. Their team works on HIPAA-compliant computers via secure connections. Under no circumstances would Maxwell Health share member data of any kind with a third party without the member's express written consent.